Negative Capability II


w/Jesse Langen (e gtr + separately-operated gtr pedals) (2022) (15’), Two-player ‘alternate’ version of Negative Capability.

Program Note:

Negative Capability II is a two-player re-working of my existing Negative Capability, which was composed for Jesse Langen. This version of the piece uses the existing score as proportional notation, with a wider range of implements and guitar pedals. This project emerged as part of the 2022 Omaha Under the Radar Festival, where Jesse and I had three days in a (haunted) Airbnb before our festival performance and decided to take a new angle with the piece as collaborators.




Performance History:

  • World premiere, July 2022, Omaha Under the Radar Festival, Omaha, NE
  • Jesse Langen, electric guitar

    Hannah A Barnes, guitar pedals